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Are you considering taking part in our Guardianship Programme?
When are you looking to bring a puppy into your home?
Do you prefer a male or female puppy?
What is your preferred colour?
What is your preferred size?
Do you own or rent your home?
Do you have a fenced garden?
Does your work life balance enable you to guarantee the puppy won't be left alone for more than 3h in any given day?
Have you ever owned a dog before?
What is your and your family's experience level with raising and training a puppy?
Do you currently have any other pets?
Do you have children under 8 at home?
Are you aware of the time and energy needed to care for and train a new puppy until they are an adult (about 2 years old) and then throughout their lifetime, and are you and your family prepared to accept that responsibility?
Will the cost of caring for and training a puppy fit comfortably in your current budget? Costs over dog's lifetime will include at least one annual vet visit, vaccinations, grooming every 6 weeks or so, good quality food, toys, insurance, equipment and preventative treatment?
How active is your life style?
Do you understand the importance of puppy training and will you commit to obtaining early puppy training for your Vanilla Grove Labradoodles puppy?
Do you have any special needs or considerations that we need to know about so we can match the right puppy to you?
How did you hear about us?
All of the information and answers to questions that I have provided within this application are complete and correct to the best of my knowledge. I also confirm that I am an adult over the age of 18 and can enter into a contract to purchase a Vanilla Grove Labradoodles puppy.
I understand that Vanilla Grove Labradoodles will select and match a puppy to each family that has placed a reservation fee based on several factors. Those factors include the order in which Vanilla Grove Labradoodles receives the reservation fees for each litter, the top 2 puppy choices of each family after visiting with the puppies, the puppies' temperament and energy level, the lifestyle of each family, and answers provided on each application. I also understand that other factors, such as being a past Vanilla Grove Labradoodles puppy buyer, may be considered. If I am not satisfied with the puppy selected for me by Vanilla Grove Labradoodles, I may choose to defer my deposit to a later litter.
I understand that Vanilla Grove Labradoodles will select prospective breeding dogs first from each litter when the puppies are around 7 weeks of age and after their temperament testing. Those selected puppies will no longer be available for puppy families.
I understand that Vanilla Grove Labradoodles will send my puppy home on a spay/neuter contract. This means that Vanilla Grove Labradoodles requires that this procedure be performed before the puppy’s 12-month birthday by a qualified vet. I understand that I must have this procedure done by this 12 month deadline and send paperwork from my veterinarian documenting that this procedure has been completed back to Vanilla Grove Labradoodles.
I acknowledge that Vanilla Grove Labradoodles has the right to return my puppy deposit at any time at the discretion of Vanilla Grove Labradoodles. I understand that if my deposit is returned, any and all written, verbal, or implied agreements to sell me a puppy are terminated and no further obligation of any kind exists between me and Vanilla Grove Labradoodles.
I understand that once my puppy application is approved and I choose to go forward with buying a puppy from Vanilla Grove Labradoodles, I will be asked to submit a £500 deposit to hold my place on the Vanilla Grove Labradoodles waiting list. I further understand that this deposit is non-refundable but may be transferred to a later litter. I acknowledge that if I change my mind and do not buy a puppy from Vanilla Grove Labradoodles I will forfeit my deposit.
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