What is the Guardian family programme all about?

Guardian Programmes are becoming increasingly more popular for breeders and dog owners across the world.

We firmly believe that every dog deserves a caring family environment. Our priority is the health and well-being of all our dogs and puppies.

We select and hold top puppies in each litter and these are the dogs we place with Guardian families. As a Guardian, you will have a dog representing the Australian Labradoodle breed at his best, based on the best qualities that are outlined in the WALA breed standard with temperament of course coming first.

We outline all the requirements for a successful partnership in a Guardianship contract in advance so you know what is expected from you. We ask Guardians to pay a £1,000 deposit that will then be refunded when the dog retires from breeding (contact us for full details).

Guardians must live in close vicinity, no further than 30 miles. Female dogs go approximately into heat every six months. Depending on our Vanilla Grove Labradoodles breeding schedule, females will be bred no more than 3 times and then retire. From that time, the dog will be spayed at Vanilla Grove Labradoodles’ expense, the deposit refunded and full ownership will be granted to the Guardian.

Becoming a Guardian family is a fantastic opportunity to get an exceptional puppy that will take part in our breeding programme for up to the age of 5 and then be your forever pet, once retired from breeding.

How does the breeding of the Guardian dog work?

All breeding dogs will undergo some necessary medical tests at Vanilla Grove Labradoodles’ expenses:

  • Extensive DNA testing at 6 weeks old.
  • Hips and elbows BVA scoring at 12 months old.

Vanilla Grove Labradoodles will house the mated female a week before she is due to give birth, so that the entire birth, whelping and raising process of the puppies is managed by us. 8 weeks after birth, once the puppies are fully weaned, the female will be returned to the Guardian family. The Guardian family is welcome to visit us as often as they would like to meet the puppies and see their Guardian dog.

As an appreciation for their involvement with the breeding female, Vanilla Grove Labradoodles will offer the Guardian family £100 per puppy, up to £1,000 per successful litter.

Males can be active in Vanilla Grove Labradoodles breeding programme for approximately 7 years. Vanilla Grove Labradoodles will cover the cost of neutering at  retirement.

The most important requirement is that our Guardian families provide loving homes for our breeding dogs whilst also meeting the following requirements to qualify for our programme:

  • Be local to us.
  • Have a home with a  fully fenced garden.
  • Ensure that the dog is well socialised with people and other dogs.
  • Attend dogs training classes.
  • Have the dog professionally groomed every 6 to 8 weeks to Vanilla Grove Labradoodles’ specified look.
  • Provide endless amount of love and care to maintain the dog in excellent health.
  • Be willing to provide our approved kibble and other dietary needs.
  • Provide regular updates and pictures of the dog to Vanilla Grove Labradoodles and be available to meet up on request.

If you are interested in our Guardian Programme please click here

Full terms of our Guardian programme available here: Guardian contract Vanilla Grove Labradoodles