Our dogs

Our dogs are all very well looked after pets, either living in our home or with our wonderful nearby guardian families. They have a great life, enjoy daily countryside walks and make amazing companions. Here at Vanilla Grove Labradoodles, all our Australian Labradoodles come from the best breeding lines, all of which have been health tested to the highest level available to a breeder. You are clearly getting the cream of the crop when purchasing one of our precious babies.  Our Australian Labradoodles are home raised with the meticulous care needed to produce well rounded, happy, healthy puppies. We ensure that all proper care, training and socialization requirements are met. We also work closely with our veterinarian and specialists to ensure our pampered pooches are not only well bred but well taken care of. We only breed to promote Australian Labradoodles that have excellent health, conformation, temperament and beauty. Our 12 years of breeding experience in addition to the strict adherence to the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) Code of Ethics and Breed Standards, is what sets us apart in our breeding programme.

VANILLA GROVE APPLE (WALA00020334 – retired)

Colour : Red

Coat : Soft wavy fleece

Weight : 20 kg / 41 pounds

Height : 51 cm / 21 inches 

BVA Hips/Elbows  :  Good

Carrier  :  Nil


About Apple

Apple is always happy. She has such a fun personality and never stops wagging her tail. She loves her long walks in the country side but equally she enjoys cuddles on the sofa. You will always find Apple with a stuffed toy or a tennis ball in her mouth. She is the sweetest girl and wherever we go she makes people’s head turn because of her stunning coat.


Colour : Caramel Parti. Carries Parti, Phantom and Sable

Coat : Soft wavy fleece

Weight : 15 kg / 33 pounds

Height : 40.7 cm / 16 inches

BVA Hips/Elbows  :  Good

Carrier  :  Nil

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About Bear

We imported Bear (Caralee Olaf) all the way from Brisbane,  Australia and we are really excited to be adding him into our breeding programme.  Bear is as perfect as they come. He really is exceptional not only in his looks but also in his character. He loves playing with other dogs as much as with people of all age. Bear loves having his belly rubbed, he is a happy outgoing and inquisitive boy. He is also incredibly smart, he loves training and learning new tricks.

Stud service available – please email us at vanillagrovelabradoodles@gmail.com for enquiries.


 Colour : Cream with caramel tones

Coat : Soft wavy fleece

Weight : 11 kg / 24.2 pounds

Height : 40.5 cm / 16 inches

BVA Hips/Elbows  :  Good

Carrier  :  Nil


About Maisie

Maisie has the happiest and most entertaining personality like her dad Bear. She lives with a lovely guardian family in Hertfordshire. Maisie passed her DNA profiling with flying colours and had her first litter in 2023.


Colour : Red abstract

Coat : Wool

Weight : 18 kg / 39.7 pounds

Height : 48 cm / 19 inches

BVA Hips/Elbows  :  Good

Carrier  :  Nil


About Margot

Margot is rich dark red with a fabulous thick wooly coat. She is the sweetest most affectionate girl. Margot loves her toys and to romp in the garden. She is Apple’s daughter and her dad is Chester from Doodle Hall. She has been specially selected for our future breeding programme, we are very excited to have her. Margot lives with a lovely guardian family in Hertfordshire.


Colour : Red abstract

Coat : Soft wavy fleece

Weight : 14 kg / 30.8 pounds 

Height : 46 cm / 18 inches

BVA Hips/Elbows  :  Good

Carrier  :  Nil


About Waffle

Waffle has a beautiful red loose fleecy coat, the perfect combination of her parents, Apple and Bear. She is a very confident girl, keeping a busy social life with a lovely guardian family with 4 young children in Surrey. We expect to have puppies from Waffle in 2024.


Colour : Caramel Parti

Coat : Soft wavy fleece

Weight : expected to be 15-17 kg / 33-37.5 pounds when fully grown

Height : expected to be  43-46 cm / 17-18 inches when fully grown

BVA Hips/Elbows  :  Pending

Carrier  :  Results pending


About Coco

Coco is as cute and bubbly as they come. She has the perfect conformation and a beautiful silky loose fleece coat with the rarest of patterns. Coco will mature to medium size. She is from Margot and Bear’s first litter. Coco was our favourite right from birth, so we had to keep her regardless. On top of her looks, she turned out to be the puppy with the most beautiful personality that EVERYONE loves. We expect to have puppies from Coco in Autumn 2025 – Winter 2026. Coco lives with a wonderful fun loving guardian family with 2 young children in Surrey.